September 19th


We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of CREDANT Technologies today!  I’m usually not big on celebrations, but I am on this one.

I recall September 7th, 2001 as though it was only yesterday.  It was also a time for celebration.  My partner at Austin Ventures and I had just finalized the remaining terms on funding this new start-up along with my co-founders, Chris Burchett and Andrew Kahl.  The lawyers still had work to do, but we “had a deal.”

Four days later on September 11th everything changed in our world, and I had high anxiety that it would also change our “deal.”  I called Chris later that day to ask if we should hold off and see what happens in the world.  Without hesitation, Chris replied, “Bob, there’s never a bad time to start what will become a great company.  Let’s go.”  Our character was being tested, but off we went.

Our primary focus, then and now, is on three key priorities: 1. People, 2. Products and 3. Customers, as well as building the “right” environment.

This focus along with a lot of hard work has enabled us to build a successful company with over 100 of the smartest and hardest working people on the planet, 1,000 customers, 10 million endpoints protected, key partnerships and numerous awards like INC 500, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, etc.

While the last 10 years has definitely been a wild ride, you should expect the future to be even more exciting!  As the data protection experts, we will continue to evolve from endpoint data protection to a “holistic” and full spectrum portfolio protecting and managing data security on endpoints, mobile devices, file servers, storage and into the cloud.  Always giving our customers the ability to sleep well knowing they are in compliance and their brand is protected.

That’s why I can say with all sincerity that, other than my family, I truly love what we’re doing here more than anything else!  And that’s reason to celebrate!

In the spirit of “ONE,”

Bob Heard, Founder & CEO

CREDANT Technologies


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  1. Mike Menegay says:

    Bob, Chris and Andrew (and the rest of the Credant team),

    Congratulations! It is very rare indeed to see an independent company successfully transition itself into a leadership role and maintain that designation; and, equally rare to see an independent make it to a 10-year anniversary in the High Tech industry. Those are a set of achievements that are unique and a testament to your vision and customers. Contratulations again.

    Mike M.

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