Protect Data In The Cloud – Simply.

Security concerns reduce the ability of many organizations to realize the cost saving potential of cloud solutions. Do fears of data breaches or unauthorized access prevent your business from storing sensitive data in public cloud infrastructures? Virtual Desktop Infrastructure may offer significant savings, but how will you ensure the security of systems in large, private cloud implementations? CREDANT has the answers.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers the opportunity to centralize management and reduce the cost of providing your users the tools they need. But security concerns over attacks, both internal and external, must also be managed.

Learn more about how to secure information on Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and how to integrate VDI security into your enterprise data security strategy, to reduce the work of securing VDI users, and help prevent damaging data breaches.

Public Cloud Storage

Moving data into public cloud storage offers benefits in both cost and availability. However, keeping sensitive information private, even from cloud provider, is critical to staying secure and avoiding unnecessary risk of breach or loss of compliance.

CREDANT's cloud security solutions will enable you to

Simply move files to the cloud and CREDANT seamlessly encrypts the information, keeping the keys and the information, secure.

Registration for the Beta program is now open, learn more and start protecting sensitive data wherever it is stored.