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Credant Technologies creates effective, flexible endpoint solutions—and shares the latest information from the world of data security. View our collection of videos to learn more about data security issues, from encryption experts to data use survey summaries.

Secure Data in the Cloud

Ensuring data stored in the cloud is protected is crucial to reducing the chances of a security breach, unauthorized data access and maintaining compliance.

Secure Management for SEDs

The use of self-encrypting drives is on the rise; managing them effectively and efficiently has never been more important.

Provide Multiple Encryption Keys

When you have multiple keys, you have total access control. Increase efficiency by allowing certain users to have access to certain tasks versus the entire system.

Outsmart IT Consumerization

Employees are bringing all types of devices into work, storing corporate data, and then traveling elsewhere. Securing the data is the only way to ensure data protection.

Protect Removable Media

Removable media is everywhere in your organization, and employees are storing all sorts of sensitive information on these devices which needs to be protected.

Reduce Your Risk of a Breach

Breaches are inevitable. The most important thing you can do is make sure the data is protected in the event that it falls into the wrong hands.

Cloud - Role of Encryption

Encrypting the data that you own and making sure only you and the appropriate people have access to it is critical for the cloud.

Cloud – Protecting Data

There are cloud providers out there that offer some form of data protection. However, many of these providers require access to your data or have unreliable protection.

Cloud Privacy and Security

Although enterprise employees have access to the cloud at any given time, they need to know how to use those services securely in order to keep their organization safe.

Credant Endpoint Data Protection and Mobile Devices Security

Watch our customers and industry experts discuss real-world data protection and how we protect devices without impacting users or operations.

Infosecurity Europe 2008 Video

Watch Paul Huntingdon, EMEA Sales Director at Credant, discuss the Credant difference as well as the future of the data security landscape.

Laptop use in bed and the security implications

Watch Paul Huntingdon, EMEA Sales Director at Credant, discuss the risks of working from home on an unsecured network with unprotected data.

Infosecurity Europe 2009 Video

Watch as Andrew Kahl, Senior Vice President of Operations at Credant, discusses how critical it is to protect data across all endpoints.

Credant Corporate Video

Watch Paul Huntingdon, EMEA Sales Director at Credant, discuss the two key data breaches that led to compliance legislation in the U.S. and U.K.

Infosecurity Europe 2010 Video

Watch as Sean Glynn, Vice President of Marketing at Credant, shares his views on data protection, security challenges and regulatory mandates.

BitLocker Management

Watch to learn what kind of approaches Credant takes to the management of BitLocker that's easy for both administrators as well as end-users.

Recovery Key Escrow

Watch to learn the importance of recovery keys and the importance of getting them right before the deployment of BitLocker in the enterprise.

Centralized Reporting and Auditing

Watch to understand the challenges BitLocker has with reporting and how Credant can help build reports and give you a more holistic view.

Automated Management of TPM

Watch to learn why the TPM is both an essential and complex part of BitLocker security, and how Credant makes its management easier.

Integration with Other Platforms

Watch to learn why integrating BitLocker into a broad security platform is both a key aspect and fundamental to business value.

Dell Data Protection

Watch to learn what kind of security Dell has launched to address customer pain points as well as the ability to provide end-to-end security.

Credant Career Opportunities

Watch to learn what employees have to say about their experience working at Credant and what makes their jobs valuable and enjoyable.