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What’s the Best Type of Encryption for your Business?

Thursday, June 28, 1 pm CT

There are many types of data protection approaches – from self-encrypting drives to BitLocker to software-based full disk encryption and policy-based encryption. But what’s best for your organization’s needs may not be best for another. Join us to get the insider’s guide to the best type of encryption for your organization and how to ensure success.
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Ball Park Stadiums –Peanuts, Hot Dogs, Mobile Devices

Thursday, June 14, 1 pm CT

Take me out to the ball park, take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and hot dogs, I don’t know where I could’ve left my mobile device. Join us for recent findings on the number of mobile devices left behind at ball parks and how to protect your company’s data from an innocent mistake like a lost smartphone.
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The Data Protection Platform

Thursday, May 31, 1 pm CT

Critical data demands integrated security to control, manage and protect it. Join Credant's CTO Chris Burchett, to learn about Credant’s comprehensive Data Protection Platform and how you can reduce the workload, minimize the risk of a data breach and simplify auditing and compliance reporting for your organization.
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Managing Your Windows 7 Upgrade

Thursday, May 3, 1 pm CT

Typically organizations refresh their PCs every 4 to 6 years. Join us to learn how and why upgrading to Windows 7 is the best time to examine your data protection strategy.
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Unveiling the Misconceptions Around Self-Encrypting Drives

Thursday, April 19, 1 pm CT

There are many inaccurate assumptions on the differences between software and hardware encryption, management and even the benefits. Join us to learn about the common misconceptions and how to choose the best approach for your organization’s needs.
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The Health of Data Protection: A Case Study with Touchstone Behavioral Health

Thursday, April 5, 1 pm CT

Healthcare organizations are often viewed under a microscope. Join Steven Porter, CIO of Touchstone Behavioral Health, as he discusses the challenges they’ve navigated and best practices they leverage when it comes to data protection.
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3 Approaches for Successful Cloud Key Management

Thursday, March 15, 1 pm CT

A common cloud security hurdle is key management. Join us to learn about 3 approaches, advantages and disadvantages to cloud key management and how to choose the best approach for your company’s needs.
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5 Reasons to Manage BitLocker Data Protection

Thursday, March 1, 1 pm CT

Many organizations have started to take advantage of BitLocker encryption to protect their data and stay compliant. Join us to hear about 5 key reasons why you need to manage BitLocker data protection and how to best manage it.
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The Biggest Perceived Data Threats in 2012

Thursday, February 16, 1 pm CT

Join us to learn about the biggest perceived data threats in 2012 and how to navigate the complexities of controlling, protecting and managing data in the era of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work and as endpoints evolve into the cloud.
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Tis’ the Season to Loose Your Data

Thursday, December 15, 1pm CT

As the stress of the holiday season increases, so does data loss. Join us to review recent research findings and learn how to protect your data.
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2012 Data Protection Forecast

Thursday, December 1, 1pm CT

Find out what we forecast as key data protection threats and trends in 2012 and how you can be proactive in preparing your organization.
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The Urgency Around Data in the Clouds

Thursday, November 10, 1pm CT

Join the Cloud Security Alliance and us to discuss the hidden security risks around storing data in the cloud and why there’s an urgency to protect it.
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The Intensive Care Approach to Data and Compliance

Thursday, October 27, 1pm CT

Are you unsure if HIPAA and HITECH apply to your organization? Join guest speaker Rebecca Herold for an insightful discussion around healthcare data protection and how it applies to business associates.
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External Media Security Haunting Your Organization?

Thursday, October 13, 1pm CT

Unprotected data stored on external media, like USB thumb drives is common; leaving organizations liable for a potential data breach. Learn how to balance security and real world end-user use without impacting productivity or reducing the barriers to adoption of security.
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Outsmarting Smartphones

Thursday, September 29th, 1pm CT

If your employees can't live without smartphones, your company must outsmart the risk of sensitive corporate data being exposed. Join this webcast to learn how to ensure your company's sensitive data isn't at risk, as well as how to successfully navigate the multitude of smartphone operating systems in addition to how to seamlessly integrate and manage them.
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What's Your Cyber Liability IQ?

Thursday, September 8th, 1pm CT

Cyber liability is often defined by security and privacy risks (basically data protection or lack there of it). Join founder, Jake Kouns, to learn more about cyber liability and how that fits in with your data protection strategy to minimize data breaches.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Data Breaches

Thursday, September 1st, 1pm CT

Is the forecast bleak for cloud computing when it comes to data breaches? Not if an enterprise organization takes into consideration the security risks that need to be considered and addressed. Join us to learn how to assess cloud data risks and determine your needs to make the right data protection choices.
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Security Superheroes and USB Stick Villains

Thursday, August 18th, 1pm CT

Cheap, small and virtually able to bring down a whole business in the blink of an eye if misplaced, left behind or stolen. Learn how you can become a security superhero without having to moonlight on the job just to balance security and usability with real world end-user productivity.
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What? The Dog ate your Data Protection?

Thursday, August 4th, 1pm CT

Excuses, excuses, excuses. They don't work when it comes to failing to protect sensitive data. With many organizations now migrating to Windows 7 and considering leveraging BitLocker's data protection, learn how to successfully make the transition and ensure your organization's data is protected.
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Cloud Chasing: Is Your Data Secure?

Thursday, June 30th 1 pm CT

Various factors make the cloud top of mind for many organizations. However, the hidden security risks need to be considered and addressed before data is compromised. Join us, to learn how data protection can help ensure your organization's success in the cloud.
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Exposed Employee Devices Need Data Protection Too

Thursday, June 16th 1 pm CT

A recent, IDC survey found that IT consumerization is the norm with 95% of employees now using technology they purchased themselves in the workplace. Learn best practices to approaching data protection on employee owned devices.
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Part 2: The New Credant Mobile Guardian 7.1.1 Demo

Thursday, June 2nd 1pm CT

In Part Two, learn the product roadmap and how Credant can meet your data protection needs on all your endpoints and even in the cloud.
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Part 1: The New Credant Mobile Guardian 7.1.1 Demo

Thursday, May 26th 1 pm CT

Join this two-part webcast product demonstration about Credant Mobile Guardian 7.1.1. Learn what's new and how this data protection and management solution enforces encryption policies transparently across your enterprise.
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Tips and Tricks to Successfully Using and Managing BitLocker

Thursday, May 12th 1 pm CT

One of the perks of Windows 7 is the inclusion of BitLocker to protect data. Get expert tips and tricks to using BitLocker in your enterprise and how to best manage it to ensure data protection and compliance.
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New Year, New Rules: HITECH

Thursday, April 28th 1 pm CT

HHS' Office for Civil Rights plans to release final rules related to the HITECH Act and HIPAA privacy and security regulation any day now. Join us to discuss the best way to stay ahead of these rules and learn how other healthcare organizations are approaching it.
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The Encryption Playbook: Protecting Windows 7

Thursday, March 24th, 1 pm CT

Windows 7 BitLocker protects data on the hard drive as well as on portable devices, but not without challenges. Get the encryption playbook on what's really needed to protect your organization's data.
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Drawing the Line Between Corporate Data Security and Personal Devices

Thursday, March 10th, 1 pm CT

The use of personal storage devices at work is more common than ever, and securing them is vital. Learn best practices to protecting data without hindering productivity or compromising critical data.
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Understanding the Evolving HITECH Data Protection Responsibilities

Thursday, March 3rd, 1 pm CT

Improved patient care and safety are driving the implementation of new technologies. Learn the data protection responsibilities expected of your organization under the regulations.
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The Cloud's Silver Lining: Data Protection

Thursday, February 24th, 10 am CT

From concerns with the intermingling of data and cloud service providers having access to it, learn how to assess cloud data risks and determine your needs to make the right data protection choices.
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The Data Game

Thursday, February 10th, 1 pm CT

Even for companies with strong policies and solutions, the data protection game is usually one of luck. Learn how to address and protect data of both company and employee USB drives.
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WikiLeaks and the Insider Threat to Data

Thursday, January 27th, 1 pm CT

Some of the most recent internal threats, such as WikiLeaks, have led to the ban of USB devices. Instead of banning, learn how to mitigate and reduce malicious and non-malicious data risks.
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Dell Data Protection in the Healthcare Market

Wednesday December 8th, 1pm CT

Data protection of PHI is critical and necessary. HIPAA and the HITECH Act are becoming more and more stringent. Yet, healthcare data breaches continue to be on the rise. Join this webcast to learn how Dell Data Protection for healthcare can help ensure your organization's data is protected.
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2010 Data Breaches: Looking Back

Thursday, December 2nd, 12:00 pm CT

Even with increasingly stringent compliance mandates, 2010 is another record year for data breaches. Join us, to look back on some of the most significant data breaches this year and learn from the experts on how to avoid them.
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HIPAA/HITECH and Compliance in the Healthcare Market

Wednesday November 10th, 1pm CT

Compliance in the healthcare market has always been challenging. The ARRA provisions related to HIPAA/HITECH continue to make future compliance efforts even more challenging. Join this webcast to learn how to navigate the best way to ensure compliance.
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